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… being me…
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non è facile stare in equilibrio tra se stessi e ciò che si è.

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I want


I want to be able to eat what i want but i don’t want to have to binge. I want to be able to eat a healthy diet and correct amount without being obsessive. I want to not have the psychological repercussions of gaining weight. I want to not be afraid of calories in food but equally not idealize the whole concept of food. I want to be able to think of more important things than anorexia. I want to not be drawn towards self destruction on a daily basis.  I want to want to live my life.

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Conquering a fear food


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mod note: for a handy guide on how to overcome a fear food, go here!

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Non mi deludi mai, ogni giorno che apro il tuo libro leggo frasi meravigliose. Grazie Demi, grazie davvero.
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Nothing kills you like your mind
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Ok, tra 7 giorni sarò li, ok.. mantieni la calma. 🍌

Il mostro é più forte di me.
Troverò mai la forza per guarire?

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E di andare avanti.